Couples Therapy

Couples therapy and marriage counseling can help partners who are struggling to connect and work through their issues, reconnect with each other and get back on track to nurturing and strengthening their relationship.

Couples TherapyWhile couples therapy can be beneficial for partners who may be dealing with a serious issue or transgression or who may even be considering divorce, it can also be effective for couples who may just want to improve their relationship and stay connected.


At Alder Grove, our team of therapists are experienced at helping couples:

  • Identify and work through their problems
  • Develop healthy and productive ways of communicating with each other
  • Achieve their goals
  • Save their relationships

This is a safe environment where couples can be comfortable opening up to each other, where they can being honest about their fears or concerns, and where they can receive the support and tools necessary to help them foster a loving relationship and a strong, enduring partnership.


Benefits of Couples Therapy

Although the course of couples therapy and marriage counseling will be tailored to a couple’s needs and specific issues, in general, this type of counseling can involve:

  • Opening up a dialogue between romantic partners
  • Pinpointing the challenges a couple may be facing
  • Setting goals and objectives for the couple
  • Giving each member of the couple tools and new options for transforming their relationship
  • Identifying ways of avoiding unhealthy habits that may be affecting the relationship

Some of the specific issues and concerns that our Denver couples therapists are skilled at helping couples work through include (but are not limited to) issues that involve:

  • Intimacy
  • Faithfulness, trust and possible infidelities
  • Anger and fighting
  • Lack of communication
  • Abuse, including physical, emotional, and/or verbal abuse
  • Extended family, including in-laws
  • Responsibilities within the relationship
  • Financial issues