Team-Based Approach

Determining the best course of treatment for a person’s mental, emotional, and/or behavioral health issues starts with a proper, comprehensive diagnosis.

Team-Based ApproachOur team-based approach evaluations are a key part of the diagnostic process, as clients meet with both the therapist and prescriber during the initial evaluation and periodic follow-up visits.

Our team-based evaluations focus on delivering accurate diagnoses to uncover the physical and mental causes of our clients’ conditions. Our mental health professionals work with a team of experts, which may include our clients’ primary care providers and other outside providers, to develop a thorough treatment approach that is tailored to our clients’ needs, issues, and objectives.


Benefits of Team-Based Approach Evaluations

Team-Based approach evaluations can be effective diagnostic approaches when people may be living with more complicated or dynamic conditions, some of which can include (but are not limited to):

  • Emotional conditions
  • Behavioral disturbances
  • Developmental delays and/or attentional concerns in children
  • Learning and speech impairments in children
  • Mood instability and/or thought disturbances
  • Sleep and/or eating difficulties